Setting up Stocks UI

Deploy via Templete

  • Select eap7-openshift templete

  • Set the servce name as stock-ui

  • Use the Git Repository

To make Application protocol connectable

Add a Label

Add a label on backend service spring-boot-cxf-jaxrs will make http connection work fine:

$ oc label route spring-boot-cxf-jaxrs type=stocks-backend
route "spring-boot-cxf-jaxrs" labeled

Add a Environment Variable

Add a Environment Variable BACKEND_ROUTE can make http connection work fine:

$ oc env dc stock-ui -e BACKEND_ROUTE=spring-boot-cxf-jaxrs
deploymentconfig "stock-ui" updated

Grant Service Account View Permissions

The Stocks UI ants to talk to the OpenShift API to learn about other Pods, Services, and resources within the Project. A view permission is necessary:

$ oc policy add-role-to-user view -z default
role "view" added: "default"


A redeploy is necessary if hit a permission related Error.

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