SCM Web Hooks

Create a project

$ oc new-project scm-web-hooks --display-name="Test WebHooks"

Create new application

We will use the forked repository from the previous recipe.

$ oc new-app -S --image-stream=php
Image streams (oc new-app --image-stream=<image-stream> [--code=<source>])
  Project: openshift
  Tags:    5.6, 7.0, latest

$ oc new-app --image-stream=php --code= --name=scm-web-hooks
--> Found image 79f7d44 (8 weeks old) in image stream "openshift/php" under tag "7.0" for "php"

    Apache 2.4 with PHP 7.0
    Platform for building and running PHP 7.0 applications

    Tags: builder, php, php70, rh-php70

    * The source repository appears to match: php
    * A source build using source code from will be created
      * The resulting image will be pushed to image stream "scm-web-hooks:latest"
      * Use 'start-build' to trigger a new build
    * This image will be deployed in deployment config "scm-web-hooks"
    * Port 8080/tcp will be load balanced by service "scm-web-hooks"
      * Other containers can access this service through the hostname "scm-web-hooks"

--> Creating resources ...
    imagestream "scm-web-hooks" created
    buildconfig "scm-web-hooks" created
    deploymentconfig "scm-web-hooks" created
    service "scm-web-hooks" created
--> Success
    Build scheduled, use 'oc logs -f bc/scm-web-hooks' to track its progress.
    Run 'oc status' to view your app.

Look at some of the created resources

  • Build configuration

$ oc get bc
  • Deployment configuration

$ oc get dc
  • Show created service

$ oc get service
  • Show replication controller

$ oc get rc
  • Show route

$ oc get route

Notice that there is no route created yet for this application.

  • Show the builds in progress (Running)

$ oc get builds
NAME              TYPE      STATUS    POD
scm-web-hooks-1   Source    Running   scm-web-hooks-1-build
  • Monitor the build

$ oc logs build/scm-web-hooks-1

The build should finish similar to:

Pushing image ...
Pushed 0/5 layers, 2% complete
Pushed 1/5 layers, 22% complete
Pushed 2/5 layers, 44% complete
Pushed 3/5 layers, 70% complete
Pushed 3/5 layers, 100% complete
Pushed 4/5 layers, 100% complete
Pushed 5/5 layers, 100% complete
Push successful

Create a route

$ oc expose service scm-web-hooks
route "scm-web-hooks" exposed

Test the application

Use to access the app, you should see


Navigate to the OpenShift Web console and login.

  • Navigate to the OpenShift Web console and login.

  • Select your Test WebHooks project, and click Builds and then Builds.

  • Click onto the build name from the list. You should have just one in this case.

  • Click Configuration tab to get list of Triggers for the GitHub link.

  • Copy the GitHub webhook URL. You will need this URL for next step.


Configure GitHub repository Web Hook

  • Login to your GitHub account.

  • Navigate to the forked repository you used to create the application.

  • Click on Settings.

  • Click on Webhooks.

  • Click on the Add webhook button.

  • Add the recently copied Web Hook URL from OpenShift.

  • Change the Content-type as "application/json"

  • Click on the Disable SSL Verification button.

  • Confirm by adding the Add Webhook button in green at the bottom of the page.

Redeploy the application

  • Edit in your GitHub account the image.php file.

  • One of the lines in line 9 or 10 should be commented out. Make a change so that the line that was previously commented out becomes active and pound the other one.

  • Commit the file.

Monitor new deployment process

  • After saving/committing the image.php file with the small change, you’ll notice in the OpenShift Web Console that a new build process has been automatically triggered. You didn’t have to start a build yourself.

  • Monitor the build process using:

$ oc get builds

$ oc logs builds/scm-web-hooks-2
Cloning "" ...
	Commit:	4969a28fd786392b20750987d9b5aa026e9cc63f (update image color)
	Author:	kylin <>
	Date:	Sun Jul 16 18:46:08 2017 +0800
---> Installing application source...
Pushing image ...
Pushed 4/5 layers, 81% complete
Pushed 5/5 layers, 100% complete
Push successful

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