Docker Commands

Commands Notes
docker ps -a

Show all containers on the system

docker ps

Show only currently running containers

docker run <NAME>

Creates & runs a docker container via an image

docker images

Lists all the images on your local system

docker build -t <NAME> .

Build the image, -t parameter gives a image tag

docker tag <IMAGE ID> <IMAGE NAME>

Tag the images

docker login

Login with Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub.

docker push <IMAGE NAME>

Push tagged image to Docker Hub.

docker rmi -f <IMAGE ID>

Remove the images via ID.

Docker Engine Commands

Commands Notes
docker-machine ls

list available machines

docker-machine create --driver <DRIVER> <NAME>

Create a machine

docker-machine env <NAME>

To see machine environment

docker-machine ip <NAME>

Get the IP address of a machine

docker-machine stop <NAME>

Stop a machine

docker-machine start <NAME>

Start a machine

docker-machine status <NAME>

Get machine status

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